Our schools are full of children with amazing potential. We depend on our teachers to deliver creative and challenging lessons that reach all students. But getting kids excited about learning is hard work, and too often we ask teachers to do it all on their own.

Teachers need support from a team of leaders who know how to select, prepare for, and support the use of great materials. This website is a collection of insights, resources, and lessons from other systems that have taken this journey.

Meeting the needs of Texas educators

At Instruction Partners, we understand the unique context and needs of local school districts and share a passion for providing an excellent education for all Texas students. The Texas Curriculum Support Guide was developed in collaboration with Texas education specialists and designed to meet Texas educator needs. We analyzed, internalized, then integrated TEA education and instructional materials regulations, policies, and procurement practices throughout this guide.

Where should you begin?

We encourage you to dive into the framework and explore, but if you want some help navigating where to start, trying using the Starting Point Diagnostic to determine where to begin.

Many thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for supporting the development of these materials.