Phase I



The goal of Phase I is to select materials that support a clear and common vision of great instruction for the subject, with stakeholder participation in the process. Teachers are central to every great selection story and reported learning from the process when it was done well.

Successful early implementers:

  • Were clear on the vision of instruction first so it could inform every step of the process
  • Involved educators throughout the process in a meaningful way
  • Trained the team on the vision and the standards – not only the review process
  • Identified non-negotiables and used them to prescreen the list of options so that reviewers had fewer materials to review and could go deeper into each
  • Communicated the process and decision transparently to the community
  • Ordered materials for arrival before summer break, or at least before training

key action


Plan Your Process

The goal of this key action is to plan the selection process.

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Establish the vision

The goal of this key action is to prepare the Selection Team and Review Committee to understand the standards and develop a shared vision of effective instruction for each relevant subject for all students.

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Develop the rubric and prepare for reviews

The goal of this key action is to determine the final rubric you will use, what materials you are going to review, and prepare the Review Committee to conduct the reviews. The goal is also to use this moment to gather broad stakeholder input to inform the process.

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Review, pilot, and decide

The goal of this key action is to come to a decision about the best materials to serve your instructional vision and to communicate the decision to all stakeholder groups.

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Procure and distribute materials

The goal of this key action is to procure all necessary materials and get them into teachers’ hands before training.

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This workbook is designed to help a school or system leadership team work through the implementation process together. Assemble your team, print or download the workbook, find your starting point, and dig in together.